Dating in the dark recap

As the opening episode to the fourth season of Black Mirror, USS Callister needed to start strong, and boy, did it! You want him to take charge of his company, put his colleagues in their place, and yes, eventually get the girl.

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The basic premise is that Sara is implanted with a chip in her brain that allows her mother to not only track her location and see through her eyes, but also to blur out and censor anything the daughter sees that might cause her stress.

It’s all done via a little tablet, which actually beeps when Sara is seeing something distressing.

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A warning: the are spoilers for each episode below!

you wanted him to take charge and this is what it looks like.

Intelligent, surprising, feminist (“stealing my pussy is a red fucking line! Lauren O’Callaghan Episode score: 5/5The paranoia of parenthood is a strong theme in Black Mirror season 4.

The one thing which brings him joy is a private version of his game, which he’s recreated at home to look and feel exactly like his favourite retro sci-fi series, Space Fleet (AKA Star Trek).

Naturally, Daly is the Captain and his crew is made up of people he knows, from his company’s co-founder James Walton (Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson), to his crush and new starter Nanette Cole (Cristin Milioti).

In an era where trying to watch as many episodes as possible, all at once, has become something of a habit, this run of Black Mirror feels like anti-binge TV.

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