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He eventually quit his job as a stage director and in the acting business in general after hardly getting any roles, and a deciding factor was seeing a horrible Spider-Man musical, which finalized his decision to pursue another career.

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During this time, Mat Pat watched an episode of Extra Credits about tangential learning, which inspired him to start Game Theory originally as a means of adding something new to his resume.

Game Theory slowly started building a fanbase after getting featured on several websites, such as Reviewtopia and Screw Attack!

Duopolies are commonly used when explaining sequential games, because they model the interdependence between two firms.

We learn in this Learning Path how duopolists react to each other’s actions, how collusions work and how repeated sequential games may change the essence of a game.

, with successive nodes at each decision point: The game represented in this decision tree shows firm 1 choosing whether to compete in a monopolistic market or not.

As there are no existing competitors in the market, should they choose not to enter, its payoff will be zero and the existing monopoly will have a payoff of two.

In this case, it is pretty clear what the outcome will be.

The game would change again, of course, if successive nodes were introduced, where fighting could again flip the tables.

He gained an interest in Ronnie's talent and offered to promote his internet show, Digressing and Sidequesting, by allowing Ronnie to move the series to Mat Pat's channel, which Ronnie accepted.

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