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She could no longer imagine a life without teenagers splashing in the pool in summer, or turning the house upside down as they overflowed the downstairs playroom on the weekends.

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But the caterers had only been available on this particular Friday.

They had weddings booked for every Saturday night through July.

William, their son, had just turned eighteen, and was graduating in June. Paris made sure that the table had been set properly. They enjoyed their social life and over the years they had collected an eclectic assortment of interesting friends.

She set the flowers that she had arranged herself on the table.

And it saddened her to know that those days were almost over for good.

She knew that once Wim left for college, life as she had known it for so long would be over.

She’d done such a great job with the house that he had often teased her and told her she should become a decorator, and most people who saw the house agreed.

But although artistic, her interests had always been similar to his.

She did it not only for him and their friends but for herself as well. It was a handsome stone house, in one of the more luxurious neighborhoods in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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