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There are reminders not to smoke, and the need to wear safety glasses and safety shoes.

Lockout tags and keys hang from door handles to ensure vehicles are not unexpectedly started while someone is working underneath.

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The older model rigs, were pretty tough trucks and were difficult to drive…

no powering steering, no temperature control, shifting took brute strength, and worst of all, they road like ‘tanks’! Nowadays, the newer rigs are smooth riding, easy to maneuver and very comfy!

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I'm 25 and an Over the Road Truck Driver, I know my career isnt the easiest one for dating, I am however tired of the stereotypes associated with my profession.

This isnt 1980 it's 2010, Do I actually have a real chance at having a successful relationship?Yes of course..a different lady in every city that has a terminal you stop at. The best times I had were when my lady was with me, she would drive, I would drive we made shyt loads of $ and there was no question of infidelity.If you date/marry a non-driver all the old stereotype stories will be told to her by her friends/acquaintances/church members will have problems.Although the lifestyle of a trucker hasn’t changed a great deal, they are more facilities available which make their lives much easier than years ago.We’re starting to see more and more female truckers in the driver’s seat of big trucks.The authorities back then were very hesitant initially, to grant her the right to drive big trucks, mostly due to her hearing difficulty. It wasn’t unusual for her to drive for long hauls, over 40 hours straight without sleep.

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