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On Thursday, it acknowledged that it did not do an internal review of Green - in contrast to a statement in March by sheriff's spokesman Sgt. In an email then to The Oregonian/Oregon Live, Jensen said Green retired while the subject of "an active internal affairs investigation." Swanson first raised alarms about Green in early 2015 when he was assigned to Wilsonville as a supervisor.

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-- Two sexual assault cases that Green "attempted to suspend ... Jeff Smith shortly after he started in Wilsonville, his emails indicate.

as unsolvable," but Swanson reassigned them to patrol deputies who found the suspects and witnesses within days. "Taken at face value," Swanson wrote to Smith in February 2015, "this appears to be gross misconduct -- which should be thoroughly investigated. Green continuing in his current position given what is known at this point.

I believed the reputation of our agency and profession was at stake." "I don't know why nobody did anything before me," Swanson continued.

"But I did my duty and suffered negatively as a result. I received a harassing phone call; misinformation about me was used to mock me.

Swanson later determined the suspect was living in Tualatin.

-- A sexual assault case in which the rape kit sat in the property room for years.

"My conduct was called into question as if I was out of line to question how my superiors were handling this," he wrote.

The Sheriff's Office has given contradictory accounts of Green's status at the time of his retirement.

Green asked for her bank records, which she produced.

He entered them into evidence and did nothing else. Green concluded that the suspect was in Peru and suspended the investigation.

"I believe next week is too long to wait," Swanson wrote.

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