Dating dervice game on a dating show

Of course you can also without posting any travel plans, at least when you have a Gold Membership (more on that later).

There are three different payment options for the trip (IMPORTANT: you don’t have to pay anything on the site, it’s just to give the women an idea what they can expect when they go on a trip with you):​It didn’t surprise me that 84% of the travel plans were created by men who offered to pay for everything. I mean, I expected it, but in my eyes it looks as if all the men on this site are looking for a romantic adventure and fun while traveling.

But before I’m going to tell you what a Gold Membership costs and if it makes sense to upgrade your account, I want to let you know if this site is legit or the biggest scam since the invention of insurance.​When I looked at this site for the first time, I thought to myself: “That looks a bit dodgy!

”Yes, it is free to join, but that doesn’t mean that it’s 100% free.

Well, maybe you want to meet beautiful Thai women online, but there’s one big problem: You don’t have time to chat with women, to go on dates and to slowly get to know them.

You want to travel to Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and you don’t even know if you’ll stay in Bangkok for more than two days.

However, it’s questionable if the women on this site really want to meet the man of their dreams or if they are just looking for a sponsor in exchange for their body…​Let me get this straight: Mizz Thai is NOT a traditional dating site where you can chat with cute Thai girls, meet them for coffee and take things further from there.

Of course, you can chat with the women and maybe there are some girls who want you to stay with them in their city.

You can see where they want to travel to, what they are looking for, and when you click on the link to their travel plan, you can even see a big picture of their face.. But even though these two things irritated me, I can’t say anything bad about the site owner.

As you can see, he answered all my emails and was happy to receive feedback from me.

Most of them actually wrote “In other words, I wanted to find out if this site is full of bar girls, freelancers and gold diggers, or if it’s possible to meet women who want a serious relationship.​I mean, I can’t complain.

Ten minutes after I joined I had already more than 10 interests and messages.

Every girl who messaged me asked me the same question: Then they told me what I already knew. Some of the girls, however, seem to hope that a romantic adventure will lead to more.

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