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In 1975, Pol Pot’s army, the Khmer Rouge, took over Cambodia and attempted to enforce an extreme Maoist communist regime, replacing all that went before.

They restarted the calendar, renaming 1975 Year Zero.

They were later married in collective ceremonies involving hundreds of often-unwilling couples.

Dr IWAN ‘S CYBERMUSEUM THE FIRST INDONESIAN CYBERMUSEUM MUSEUM DUNIA MAYA PERTAMA DI INDONESIA DALAM PROSES UNTUK MENDAPATKAN SERTIFIKAT MURI PENDIRI DAN PENEMU IDE THE FOUNDER Dr IWAN SUWANDY, MHA WELCOME TO THE MAIN HALL OF FREEDOM SELAMAT DATANG DI GEDUNG UTAMA “MERDEKA 1975, the U. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge army, consisting of teenage peasant guerrillas, marched into Phnom Penh and on April 17 effectively seized control of Cambodia.

Cambodia’s government, plagued by corruption and incompetence, also lost its American military support.

After the rice crop was harvested, Khmer Rouge trucks would arrive and confiscate the entire crop.

Ten to fifteen families lived together with a chairman at the head of each group.

Thus Cambodia was sealed off from the outside world.

All of Cambodia’s cities were then forcibly evacuated.Saloth’s reaction to this was to add the names of everyone involved to his post-victory death list.Government resistance finally collapsed on September 17, 1975.All work decisions were made by the armed supervisors with no participation from the workers who were told, “Whether you live or die is not of great significance.” Every tenth day was a day of rest.There were also three days off during the Khmer New Year festival.Once in power, Pol Pot began a radical experiment to create an agrarian utopia inspired in part by Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution which he had witnessed first-hand during a visit to Communist China.

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