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So, between the two channels, the episode registered a 0.36 with 1.13 million viewers.

And even if the title is as much ironic as aspirational — mirroring the desire of an older-skewing network to attract a more youthful audience — as Liza learns, there’s nothing wrong with a little demographic pandering, as long as it has the right kind of wrinkles.

TV Review: ' Younger' (Series; TV Land, Tues.

“I don’t know if I can have sex with someone who’s barely old enough to rent a car,” she agonizes in a later episode.

Star, who created “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and adapted “Sex and the City,” is back in familiar territory, with this show featuring Brooklyn environs.

Created by Darren Star, the series zeroes in on a generational divide in a broadly comic manner that becomes more interesting and thoughtful as the show progresses, exposing the mistakes people make in their 20s, and the concerns they have about encroaching middle age in their 40s.

Not perfect but highly watchable, it’s the kind of signature program that should appeal to its target audience, and perhaps even help chart the Viacom-owned network’s course from “Hot in Cleveland” to whatever comes next.

March 31, 10 p.m.) Production: Filmed in New York by Jax Media.

Crew: Executive producer, Darren Star; co-executive producers, Tony Hernandez, Dottie Zicklin, Eric Zicklin; writer-director, Star; camera, John Thomas; casting, Greg Orson, Lesli Gelles-Raymond, Bonnie Finnigan, Steven Jacobs.

The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival.

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