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When it came to time to capture a memorable moment , I would be the one not smiling.

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I am so greatful Sincerely, I would like to thank the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group for the help they have provided to me.

This is a great program because I cannot afford to pay without it.

I want to thank the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Inc. Without your assistance, I would have not been able to affird the work needed.

I can smile with confidence after many years of not wanting to smile or take photos.

I have been struggling with this for a very long time now. Lola Snidman, I would like to thank the OAAG for their generosity for the grant for Cosmetic Dentistry Grant.

This grant enabled me to complete my dental work that was long denied because of the cost.

This grant is valuable and I am so happy that I will be gaining back my smile.

I have been without teeth for some time and I am so happy to accept this grant from your organization.

I am humbled by the generosit of the foundation and how you are helping me take control of my life.

I am already smiling Thank you so much To the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Thank you for selecting me as one of your reciepients.

As I currently have no dental coverage the cost of new teeth would have been prohibitive.

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