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Learning a new language gives us insight into new ways of thinking, and to different beliefs and cultural practices.Everyone who learns the languages of the Cook Islands helps to preserve them.

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By learning an additional language and its related culture(s), students come to appreciate that languages and cultures are systems that are organised and used in particular ways to achieve meaning.

Learning a new language extends students’ linguistic and cultural understanding and their ability to interact appropriately with other speakers ... Te Kaveinga o Te Reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani: The Cook Islands Māori Language Guidelines Te Kaveinga o Te Reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani: The Cook Islands Māori Language Guidelines is designed to support the teaching and learning of Kūki ‘Airini as an additional language in New Zealand early childhood and school settings.

Therefore you are likely to arrive in Rarotonga the day before you leave.

A typical example is Air New Zealand flight NZ46 leaving Auckland on Monday morning and arriving in Rarotonga Sunday afternoon.

You may be able to call on people in your community to learn other dialects or languages of the Cook Islands.

Information sourced from The Cook Islands Māori Language Guidelines.The Pasifika Education Plan emphasises the importance of connecting and responding to the identities, languages, and cultures of each Pasifika group in schools.Students' wellbeing and achievement is enhanced when their learning reflects and reinforces where they come from, what they value, and what they already know.The dialect of Rarotonga is the most widely used and standardised dialect, both in the Cook Islands and within Cook Islands communities in New Zealand.This page lists resources and ideas to support the learning of this particular dialect.Digistore resource – Kia Orāna (from Kiwi Kidsongs)Kia Orāna is a Cook Islands song of welcome, featuring the flowers of Rarotonga. Please note that you need to join and log in to Digistore to access resources.

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