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A long period of abnormally low interest rates has enabled Canadians to carry massive debts, since monthly payments appear manageable.Further, in cities with rising home values, particularly Toronto and Vancouver, homeowners can secure a home equity line of credit (HELOC) to pay other debts or simply fund their lifestyles.Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasonal homeowner, I am committed to making your mortgage experience comfortable and easy.

Earlier this year, Ann’s trustee filed a consumer proposal on her behalf.

Less severe than personal bankruptcy, a proposal is an offer to all of an individual’s creditors to pay a portion of debt under a strict plan over a maximum of five years. Creditors typically agree to these arrangements since they are guaranteed to recoup at least some of their money. “I actually feel like I can breathe again,” she says. Earlier this year, the household debt-to-income ratio hit another record of 167.8 per cent.

Last spring, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada warned that the increased use of HELOCs “may lead Canadians to use their homes as ATMs, making it easier for them to borrow more than they can afford.” Insolvencies, though, are rare.

As of the end of July, there were nearly 123,000 consumer proposals and personal bankruptcies filed by Canadians this year, a decline of 1.2 per cent from the same period last year.

She ignored the inquiries, preferring not to think about her finances, but she started to feel desperate: “I just wanted to do and that was the only thing coming my way.” The bank offered a loan at a low rate to pay off her high-interest credit card debt, and she ended up taking out a second mortgage for $80,000. Surprise expenses, such as dental work, added to her debt. She moved in with a friend and was able to pay off her mortgages, but she couldn’t make much of a dent in her credit card debt. She was carrying $70,000 in debt, and knew she couldn’t work another decade to pay it down.

That realization prompted her to seek help, and she eventually met with an insolvency trustee.

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