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For most consolidation loans, your credit is important.

Lenders will evaluate whether or not you’re likely to repay a loan.

Take a look at how quickly you’ll pay down those cards if you make the minimum payment (and what happens if you pay a little extra).

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Consolidating your credit card debt can lead to big savings.

Instead of paying high-interest rates and making multiple payments each month, you can get a lower rate and pay off your debts with one monthly payment. Here's how to consolidate, step-by-step: Credit card debt is one of the most expensive types of debt.

If you prefer, you can use different strategies like the “debt snowball” or the “debt avalanche” instead.

Before you start the process of consolidation, make sure it really makes sense.

Especially if you only make the minimum payment, you’re barely making a dent in your loan balance, and it can be hard to keep your head above water.

That said, consolidation isn’t the only way to pay off credit cards – it’s just a strategy that help you simplify and save money.

There are two ways to overcome those challenges: A cosigner can apply for the loan with you.

Lenders will consider that person’s credit and income as well as yours, and the cosigner will be 100 percent responsible for repaying the loan if you stop making payments.

According to data released by the Federal Reserve this February, Americans' revolving, non-mortgage credit increased in December 2014 to .3 trillion -- while non-revolving credit (such as student and auto loans) rose to .42 trillion, as reported by USA Today.

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