polish dating in cornwall - Concious dating

You may disagree most of the time, but if you learn to appreciate the differences, you are sorted. Conscious relationships are between people who are committed to loving and learning.

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When your mind is preoccupied, and your feelings are not in alignment, you tend to neglect your true feelings and might end up with the wrong person.

Don’t let your relationship sprout doubts, negativity, or misunderstandings because of lack of proper consciousness.

A big part of conscious dating is about being conscious of your feelings at all times.

The moment you let your emotions rule your decisions, you will regret them.

In a relationship, it is important to make your partner feel heard.

Disagreements may surface, but being heard is something everyone needs.

Two important factors that kill a relationship are negativity and lack of proper communication.

We often create situations where we expect our partner to know exactly what we are feeling, and when they don’t, we are offended.

You and your partner need to believe in each other completely and let your walls down. All it needs are acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, and presence.

So, the next time you fall in love, make sure you do it consciously.

Love is pure, patient, kind, and unconditional, but most people fail to love consciously.

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