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After she left to get ready, Max asked Eddie about his feelings for Loren and he said they were just friends.

Max said she's a nice girl and he doesn't want her to get hurt. Katy is Eddie's deceased mother, to whom he was very close.

Eddie, despite his fame, is a very down to earth person.

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He told Loren she is at the top of his priority list.

In The Final Concert Eddie told Loren that he loves her, and she said that she loves him too. He cares for Eddie very much and the two have a close bond strengthened by Katy's death.

Eddie has also expressed he wouldn't ever want to do that.

It is speculated that Eddie has began to like or at least care romantically for Loren.

It forced him to pretend to be dead and hide out like a fugitive when it was found that he was alive.

He found his way to Fresno and confronted Chloe, then he gave her the ultimatum of either dropping the charges against him, or he would find a way to make sure Max and his private investigator turn her in for killing Katy.

She agreed to do that if he dumped Loren, but he refused.

When Eddie was arrested, Chloe came to her senses (with Jackie's help) and dropped all charges against him.

Chloe's plots to win him over infuriated Eddie to no end.

Eventually, after her fall with no one to pin it on, she pointed the finger at Eddie.

Later, Eddie tells Loren that he's glad she came into his life.

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