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Cija Black, Dating Expert & Relationship Coach has authored Modern Love: The Grownup’s Guide to Relationships & Online Dating.This is a wonderful book especially in today’s computer era where online dating is ever-present.I enjoyed reading Cija’s boundary checklist and would like to note…

This section also provides methods for evaluating online dating sites by creating an exploratory profile as well as offers insight into the mindset of those who have posted profiles by what they chose to reveal or not reveal about them self.

Moving forward it offers a complete A-Z step by step guide to finding real love online.

Clearly she is writing from the point of view of someone who has learned firsthand through trial and error.

It begins by reminding us that “Dating is not a root canal.” Our attitude towards dating affects how successful we will be.

The book also helped me figure out how to establish my boundaries both on OKC and on actual dates.

For example, I wondered if I had to respond to all the emails I was getting on OKCupid.

The most beneficial parts of this book for me were the sections on “boundaries” and the “types to avoid.” Many of us have dated one of the five types mentioned in her book so it was nice to see it spelled out from a psychological standpoint.

To point out a particular sentence that struck a chord with me, “odds are unless they are willing to take responsibility for their behavior they will move on and find someone who is more willing to have their boundaries violated.” Exactly, this is precisely what happened with my last relationship; I wasn’t willing to put up with “x, y, z” so he basically moved on to find someone who would tolerate his undesirable behavior.

She informed my listeners as to how to sort through their potential mate’s baggage to determine how much baggage is too much. I have heard only great things from anyone who’s read her book.

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