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A Second District Police officer witnessed the shooting.The suspect was apprehended by police shortly afterward following a chase.

Thus far, the only production image I’ve managed to find is this one, albeit slightly out-of-focus. Similarly, Dulcie Gray and Michael Denison were invited to perform in the 1980 production of (1984) when she was only 20, just as her career was beginning to move toward television and film.

Robert Lindsay worked in rep at the Northcott during the early 1970s, alongside with Brian Protheroe, John Nettles and Geraldine James.

His Northcott career was particularly prolific, performing in a wide variety of shows which ranged from musical theatre ( may feature Lindsay. Brian Protheroe was working in rep at the same time, and can be seen in several production photos, depicting his roles in many of the same shows.

Photo credits are all attributed to Nicholas Toyne.

but the masks involved in the show make it difficult to identify which actors are depicted in the photos.

Many of these are only labelled with production titles, and lack any additional information.

On Monday, July 22, 2013 the Austin American Statesman reported that during the summer of 2013 the parent company of The Chive (Resignation Media) was re-locating to a renovated space in downtown Austin, TX.

In 2007, the "Donald Trump tip" hoax involved a doctored photo of a Santa Monica restaurant receipt that was supposedly signed by Donald Trump indicating that a ,000 tip was left on a bill of .27.

(All images in this post are courtesy of photographer Matt Austin – his photos of Beth and the Northcott Wardrobe stores can be seen here.) It’s a beautiful coincidence – that the wardrobe cataloguing project and this archival project are happening alongside each other, and it’s proving to have some fruitful results… Two sites, the Northcott at the top of the hill, and the Archive, housed in the Old Library, which is just a stone’s throw away. As I’ve unearthed images of David Suchet and Diana Rigg wearing particular costumes in 1970, Beth has been able to disappear into a wardrobe closet, rifle through the rails and emerge with the same article – 43 years later. In other instances, the costume article may have been used and re-used in a variety of shows, re-purposed, altered, or even turned into multiple pieces. They capture somehow the rich history of the theatre, the versatility of fabric to re-invent itself into an entirely new story, the resourcefulness of costumers, and the sheer diversity of shows which have gotten-in and gotten-out of this theatre’s scene dock over 46 years.

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