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Especially popular in the tourist-friendly parts of Beijing (like Wangfujing shopping district and Houhai Lake nightlife district) and Shanghai (Nanjing Road shopping district and adjacent Peoples’ Park). THE SCAM: While there are variations on this theme, the basic scam goes like this: 黑车 = literally “black car”) that make a good living overcharging foreigners.“Black” doesn’t refer to the actual color of a taxi (just that they’re unlicensed and shady). Sometimes, they’ll have a fake meter rigged to produce ridiculous rates.

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What you don’t know is that they make their money on the commissions from all the various shops along the way (thinly disguised “tourist sites”).

With no way to get back to Beijing, you have to endure these marathon pit stops of never-ending tourist traps (everything from “traditional Chinese medicine” to lame performances charging admission).

In most cases, the police won’t or can’t do anything if you’ve been duped.

In fact, some of these scams are completely legal and so will continue to take in suckers for years to come.

Chinese police are often dumbfounded by how foreigners are so easily fooled.

Con artists (who can speak English) love foreigners compared to Chinese locals for a number of reasons: (1) Generally carry more cash, and (2) are often happy to engage in conversation with a total stranger.RULES OF THUMB: WHERE: Various places (but especially Great Wall tours in Beijing).THE SCAM: You get lured in by some dirt cheap tour (what do I have to lose, you ask? You find yourself herded onto some dirty bus and now you’re strapped in and out of control.Most dating sites do little to keep scammers out, whether they charge fees, or not.A majority of internet romance scammers are easy to detect, and keep off of dating sites.Knowledge is power so pass it on to other travelers!

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