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I encourage the reader to start this novel with a full set of nails, because it’s a nail biter in the most literal sense.

Steve Becker, MSW, LCSW Love feature columnist, Expert/Consultant on Narcissism and Psychopathy What is love in this seductive new novel? A dream come true or a world filled with obsessions in the absence of genuine feelings?

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Abusive men frequently suffer from incurable personality disorders: particularly psychopathy and narcissism.

I just made a video to raise public awareness to this problem, posted on my youtube channel, on the link below: Moscovici This video features paintings by the artist and social activist Michael Bell, from his series on domestic abuse, called Voices of Violence, found on the link: more information about domestic abuse, personality disorders and dangerous men, please see the following websites: More articles from this website: https://psychopathyawareness.My new novel about psychopathic seduction, The Seducer, found on: Steve Becker‘s website on narcissism and psychopathy: Sandra L.

Cases of BPD are at an all-time high because you reject your true self. You fail to accept who you are as an imperfect being.

This is the struggle of not only Borderlines, but almost all men and women.

I wanted to use my research and writing skills to help other victims who suffered at the hands of these dangerous men.

My new novel, THE SEDUCER, traces the devastating effects of a psychopathic social predator posing as “Mr. If you’re going through a similar experience, I hope that reading sample chapters from , grips you in its opening pages and holds you in its addictive clutches straight through to its dramatic, remarkable conclusion.This is a fascinating novel, on every page of which Moscovici’s intimate understanding of the psychology of psychopaths and their victims gleams with a laser’s concentrated brilliance.The result is a narrative that builds with a patient, yet propulsive, force; a narrative whose intensity and suspense, in tandem, leave the reader eager to know, at every step of the way, what happens next?I blame social media and bad parenting, along with other factors.We have a society where everyone is trying to be someone that they’re not. Most people focus on a future self instead of who they are right now in the present moment.This makes dating someone with BPD an impossible task. I know you have a good heart and you’re trying to make your BPD partner as happy as possible.

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