Chatroulette sex jokes

While that particular phrase never caught on in the United States (no complaints about that), we’ve all heard plenty of “yo’ mama” jokes.African-American culture has developed an especially imaginative and skillful tradition of mother-insult-dueling, often called “the dozens,” which traces its roots back to ancient African ceremonial customs.

From “your mother wears army boots” to “your mama’s so ____ that she ____s the ____,” mother insults have been around us for thousands of years.

Some linguists claim that variations of “your mother’s c___” [rhymes with “grunt”] are the most common insult phrases in the world, found from China to Kenya to Argentina.

2)We make a little more small talk about the snow and the site, he feels like he is the oldest person using Chatroulette (though I have found there is a large older male population on chatroulette, whom overwhelmingly are all perverts).

He makes a passing comment about my “hotness” before I ask him what was the craziest thing he has seen on Chatroulette.

You know how when you are a kid and your friends dare you to get a good speed up and perform a full 360 flip around the bar?

If a human produced the same caliber of work as that monkey nobody would care. We are booked for a week at the beach next month, would you still love me if a shark bit off both my arms?

IThey start talking about all the naked men they have seen on the site, I give them a response which contains the phrase “statistical probability” and the annoying girl pounces.

This is her opportunity to start making fun of me and apparently, I am her outlet.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by remembering how much we all care about our mothers?

And what better way to do that than by noticing how nasty it sounds when somebody insults somebody’s mother?

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