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During World War II, the population of Belgium suffered severely from the atrocities caused by the German occupation.

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Many Belgian women were left to their own devices, without a husband, at that time often the only breadwinner of the household, who took care of them.

Because of that it was hard for them to make a living for themselves.

While there was knowledge of the existence of this group among ordinary people, who talked about it on a micro level, the intellectual level went along with the common attitude of forgetting the past and every topic that could trigger a wider discussion, such as the topic of occupation children. Rainer Gries and Silke Satjukow, both German historians, recently published a book on occupation children claiming that they became “catalyzers of a new liberality” and of a “new opening to the world”[iv] . Die Nachkommen alliierter Soldaten in Österreich und Deutschland. Although some of these imprisoned soldiers might have started a relationship for these gifts alone, most of the relationships were predominantly based on romance as numerous love letters and engagements can affirm.

By dealing with the individual occupation child in every day’s life, German people could overcome the Nazi way of thinking concerning “foreignness” – in contrast to Austria. Married women, who had children with Soviet POWs, were often divorced or worse when their men returned from fighting.

The Nazis had lost and German people found themselves very unpopular.

This reflected on their soldiers’ children abroad and manifested in taunts and alienation by native Finns.Perhaps due to the losses Finland suffered after losing the Continuation war and the hatred it stirred towards the victor the people were ashamed of these children.And still until this day, excluding the question of financial compensation for the families of Nazi soldiers raised nine years ago, the subject is yet to witness historical reappraisal. – THE STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL OF THE BELGIAN FEMALE POPULATIONThe fates of the occupation children has been a forgotten part of history in Belgium, too.Considering the totality of the harassment the children of both Soviet and Nazi soldiers experienced, it is appalling how marginally the topic is discussed nowadays.Even though the children themselves could not affect their origin, they were guilted and punished for being born under wrong conditions.Particularly “black” children were seen as too difficult to integrate them into the Austrian society as a result of a racist Nazi way of thinking. Many officers were intelligent and skilled in languages or art, making them eligible bachelors, and their relatively good situation as labour force in rural Finland allowed prisoners to get in touch with locals.

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