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Relieved Andrew wasn’t leaving the house, Courtney swept him off to the toilet where kissing noises and a suspect conversation could be heard.In a clip from an upcoming episode, Andrew says: ‘Shh don’t say anything.See more » I'm a pretty forgiving fan of movies...

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It is revealed earlier in the movie that the laptop is using a built in web-cam.

This means that if the web-cam cannot see the vent, the camera in the vent should not be able to see the laptop either. It's a vapid, meaningless script, with characters that are easily forgotten.

Tartikoff said that “Dateline” is currently focused on investigative stories about national security and the economy, adding that if the newsmagazine pursues further “Predator” segments, “we want to make sure we are complementing past investigations, not just repeating them.” Louis Conradt was one of two dozen men in the Dallas-Fort Worth area snared by the ninth “Predator” sting in the fall of 2006.

He allegedly engaged in a sexually explicit online chat with a Perverted Justice member posing as a 13-year-old boy, and then an actor invited Conradt to meet him at a decoy house NBC set up in Murphy, Texas.

When we see the shot where we see the view from Elizabeth's computer and the hidden camera in her vent simultaneously, she raises her arms which blocks the vent from the web-cam's view. I can't believe that it got a semi high rating.

However, the laptop is still in full view from the hidden camera's point of view. In her lawsuit, Patricia Conradt accused NBC of being “concerned more with its own profits than with pedophilia.” She claimed a police officer at the scene of the shooting told a “Dateline” producer: “That’ll make good TV.” The network said her suit was without merit. Chin dismissed some causes of action but said in his ruling that the network “placed itself squarely in the middle of a police operation, pushing the police to engage in tactics that were unnecessary and unwise, solely to generate more dramatic footage for a television show.” “A reasonable jury could find that by doing so, NBC created a substantial risk of suicide or other harm, and that it engaged in conduct so outrageous and extreme that no civilized society should tolerate it,” Chin wrote.At the time, NBC said it planned to fight the claim, saying it had “acted responsibly and lawfully.” “Dateline’s” Murphy sex sting failed to net any convictions.As a journalist and her crew hunt for the story it quickly becomes clear the story is hunting them. Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. But Conradt did not show up at a camera-rigged house, where “Dateline” correspondent Chris Hansen and local police were waiting, outfitted with cameras provided by NBC, Hansen later told Dallas-Fort Worth television station WFAA-TV, which did its own investigation into the incident.

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