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The majority of those who write in are women — about 87 percent in January. Those who type in are asked for their age, gender and ZIP code before the chat begins.

Of the 723 people who asked questions in January, about 24 percent were ages 21 to 24. The anonymous format is especially good for young people because it allows them to ask honest questions without worrying they’re being judged or making an adult uncomfortable, says Paula Tavrow, a professor at UCLA and the director of the school’s Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive Health.

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One of his special skills is the ability to name all the Super Bowl winners chronologically from memory.

I met Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel a few years ago in an interaction that went from polite to extremely awkward within a matter of minutes. " Spiegel said as his eyes grew and his facial expression morphed into a look of obvious irritation.

Just take a quick snap and store it in "My Eyes Only." But it's also clear that Snapchat made this tool with sexting specifically in mind.

Watch the company's promo for Memories and pay close attention when it gets to the 30-second mark.

That tool is called "My Eyes Only," and it keeps any sensitive snaps hidden away behind a pin-code lock.

Think of it as your own digital safe for any pictures or videos you wouldn't want a friend using your phone to view Memories to suddenly stumble upon.

This is probably the only time we will ever see Snapchat come even remotely close to acknowledging that sometimes the app is indeed used for intimate messaging, and it's way overdue.

Spiegel was right that day I met (and offended) him. One of the bigger keys to Snapchat's success has been its ability to simply make social sharing a fun and silly experience.

It's a snap a woman recorded that zooms in on her butt in a bikini.

The implication of the video is that this is a snap meant for her boyfriend, herself and no one else, and after she accidentally flashes this to her parents, she quickly goes in and moves the snap to her private "My Eyes Only" safe.

Praise be to Allaah, I adhere to the Sunnah as much as possible and I offer prayers regularly in the mosque, praise be to Allaah.

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