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You’ll notice the same effect on the rims of most modern and ancient copper red ware.

designs by beginning with pure porcelain slurry (the clay and water mixture that is a byproduct of throwing on the wheel) and then forcing it through a sieve to eliminate lumps.

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Her docile, seated leopard personifies the natural world, apparently both protected by and a protector of the goddess, loosely tethered with a chain.

The piece is an impressive 16 inches tall, with a 10 inch base, and the chain has functionally independent terra cotta links.

Rosemary finishes her pieces with terra sigillatas stained with a wide pallet of oxides, giving her an interesting range of color, and a satin finish without the use of glazes.

Rosemary begins her sculptures by making a scale drawing of the intended piece.

It’s an inspired piece, reserved to the most practical elements: without handles, rim mass, or adornment; its simplicity reflects a decidely asian – even Mingei – feel to her work. This is the only adult class at CAW that focuses on low-fire earthenware clay, although students are also welcome to use any of the studio clays available.

Rosemary prefers terra cotta for hand-building and sculpture, some of which is pictured below..) She is tall, slender, and sensuous, sculpted in a skin-tight leopard dress with a long open front.

His ware often is donated to charities, such as bowl-a-thon; used at home; or offered as gifts within a circle of close friends, associates, and relatives.

wheels for their slightly larger head and more sensitive speed control. He likes to throw all his work on a bat for stability, actually he uses his own wooden bats treated with a marine polyurethane so they don’t warp.

This is used to refine the size, details, and proportions, and is later cut for use as a template.

Then the clay is rolled out and cut to form front and rear halves for the piece, rough formed, and assembled leather hard.

There are so many potters working at CAW, we’re never able to meet them all !

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