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Prue: You guys aren’t trying to plan another surprise party for me, are you? Phoebe: No, we’ve given up on trying to surprise you, Prue. So you should be glad that I flaked, besides, you know as well as I do, she's gonna go away with Andy.

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Mark is walking down the crowded street.] Woman: Hi, Mark.

(Tony gets out his gun, points it at Mark and shoots. Another guy pours kerosene all over Mark's body and Tony lights a match.) Mark: What are you doing?

Each has a special ability (stopping time, moving objects, seeing the future), and they can also combine their abilities into the "Power of Three" to fight demons, warlocks, and other evils.

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He is holding a balloon.] Mark: Give me a break, mum. Chao: There are a lot of hungry spirits out there, Mark.

Chao: You should have more respect for ghosts, Mark. Mark: She'd warn me about all the evil spirits walking the streets in Chinatown, I know, I know. Chao takes an amulet off a hook next to the door.) Mrs. (He hooks it back up.) Mark: Maybe the ghosts need protection from me.

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The three Halliwell sisters discover that they are descendents of a line of female witches.

Andy: Well, I wouldn’t want to assume something I’m not supposed to be assuming.

Mark: You're like the Chinese Shirley Mac Laine, you know that?

and It Hurts | The Witch Is Back | Wicca Envy | Feats of Clay | The Wendigo | From Fear to Eternity | Secrets and Guys | Is There a Woogy in the House? | That '70s Episode | When Bad Warlocks Go Good | Out of Sight | The Power of Two | Love Hurts | Déjà Vu All Over Again Written by: Chris Levinson and Jack Estrin Season 1, Episode 04 Episode Number: 04 [Scene: Manor.

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