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I would add that because the lack of incentive for a man to “get” sex from a woman he will loose interest quickly.

The biological drives are always there beneath the surface.

Even our resident guy expert Ethan pretty much agrees!

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I’m not saying that I don’t think men and women can be friends at all. I just think that in these friendships, one person is always going to have more than platonic feelings for the other person.

Maybe your guy friend secretly thinks you’re hot and sort of wants to get in your pants.

And since there isn’t that much of an investment in the “friendship” after only one date, it wouldn’t make sense to put in the time to truly turn that woman into a “friend”.

Conversely, if I’ve gone out with someone three or four times over a month – which probably means we’ve seen each other naked – it’s more likely that I’ll see her as a true friend – even if we’re not long-term compatible.

Because here’s the thing: as I’ve always suspected, men think about opposite-sex friendships much differently than women do.

This study looked at 88 pairs of opposite-sex friends and discovered that the majority of men were attracted to their female friends.

It’s the part of our nature that sometimes overrides nurture.

I have always said that men and women can’t be just friends without at least one person crushing on the other person, and now new research has backed me up.

Otherwise, they’ve got no incentive to stick around in the future.

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