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Although domestic violence awareness has been recently widely distributed in national media, there seems to be another aspect of the topic that is not highlighted.Domestic violence is commonly viewed as an issue that only affects adults, specifically married couples.” and “What do healthy boundaries actually look like? These topics created relevant discussions around teen dating violence because we know that dating violence isn’t just physical – teens experience emotional, sexual and financial abuse just like adults do, and teens are increasingly impacted by various forms of digital abuse.

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Here’s how: • Wear purple on October 19th for Domestic Violence Awareness Day.

Tag us on social media using hashtags #Human Options and #Turn OCPurple.

• Share our 24-hour hotline number at 877-854-3594 with your community. Nearly three out of four Americans know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. The month of February was recognized as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month.

Will you join us this October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and stand against DV? Wearing purple on October 20th to raise awareness for DV. This was a busy month for Human Options’ community educators as they traveled throughout Orange County to different schools, businesses and groups providing compelling teen dating violence presentations and workshops.

One group’s “red dot” was “He told her she is worthless and that she can’t find better”, something many of the students have heard their peers say to their partners.

The new sentence reads “I told her she is amazing, and that she can find better”, an action that students felt they could take when they witness that scenario to change the narrative of violence.The resounding theme was one that “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”.The teen’s messages were then turned into official posters and social media graphics, printed, and handed out at their school during lunch the day after the training.As we celebrate the month of love in February, many others will experience dating violence. will experience some form of dating violence from a romantic partner.Unfortunately, teens are more likely to experience dating violence than any other age group. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and Human Options is empowering teens to show respect and engage in healthy relationships.Many teens already know the signs of dating violence and they’re looking for help learning to step up and act when they see a peer being mistreated.

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