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In comments to the Saudi Gazette daily, Riyadh Police spokesman Col.

Fawaz Al-Mayman said Crockett and Abu Sin made “enticing videos” that “became famous and received negative attention.” He said police had received requests from the Saudi public demanding Abu Sin be punished. Crockett released a video saying she doesn’t really understand the situation in Saudi Arabia, but that many people are blaming her as the reason for his arrest.

The spectacle of the two trying to communicate attracted millions of viewers both inside the kingdom and abroad.

As a result, Abu Sin shot to fame on the livestreaming site You Now, receiving nearly 6.5 million views of his videos.

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He may also be found in contempt of the kingdom’s sometimes unyielding interpretation of Islamic law.

Al-Lahem was quoted in the Saudi newspaper, Okaz, as saying the teenager could consequently face between one and three years in prison.

We want to break down barriers to financial empowerment.

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