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"So Much for Pretending" was the most successful of these songs, spending two weeks at Number One.

He also befriended two record producers: Billy Joe Walker, Jr.

In 1996, White earned the Country Music Association's Horizon Award and the Academy of Country Music's Top Male Vocalist award. Petersburg Times said that the label "erred by releasing a novelty song as his first single" but added "the rest of Bryan White's debut album makes it clear that he has talent polish and promise." Its lead-off, "I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore", reached number 1 on the country charts, followed by the number 1 "So Much for Pretending", the number 15 "That's Another Song", and his sixth number one hit, 1997's "Sittin' on Go".

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Brian white actor dating

I was thoroughly impressed with the film and was stunned to discover that the budget was about one-tenth of what it looks like.

Bryan Shelton White (born February 17, 1974) is an American country music artist.

His fourth album, 1999's How Lucky I Am, produced 2 top 40 singles, with the song God Gave Me You eventually becoming a big hit in the Philippines.

White has charted seventeen singles on the Billboard country charts, of which six reached number 1: "Someone Else's Star" in 1995, "Rebecca Lynn," "I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore," "From This Moment On," (With Shania Twain) "So Much for Pretending" in 1996, and "Sittin' on Go" in 1997.

You have Janet Jackson and Jill Scott; my point is Jill Scott and Janet are huge music stars with huge fan bases, Tasha became the most popular because her character is portrayed the most like “Love & Hip Hop” the most like, “Desperate Housewives of Atlanta,” [we think he means "Housewives Of Atlanta] you might as well switch it around and pop in Nene [Leaks].

The most popular character [in ], and it’s not the one that Tyler picked as the most popular, is Tasha!The album included two songs which would later be singles for other artists in 1997: "Nothin' Less Than Love" (recorded by The Buffalo Club) and "Going, Going, Gone" (recorded by Neal Mc Coy).Also in 1995, Sawyer Brown charted in the Top Five with "I Don't Believe in Goodbye", a song which White co-wrote with Scotty Emerick and Sawyer Brown lead singer Mark Miller.Christian is a young man growing up in Hollywood who dreams of following in his father's footsteps into show business.When he meets Tony, an industry insider with "connections," he is convinced that he has found his big break -- landing acting jobs and dating beautiful women.The next single, "Look at Me Now", peaked at number 24, followed by the consecutive number 1 hits "Someone Else's Star" and "Rebecca Lynn".

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