Brad p dating coach dating age difference rule of thumb

Well, I could, if my task was to come up with a text that appeals to the basic human emotion of "greed".Also, IF the whole story is actually true, which I doubt it is, then the additional problem is that picking your evidence after the fact is nothing but misleading.Somehow the two girls look suspiciously similar Literally, this Brad P guy is supposed to be THE best in the community. But before I'll show you the incriminating evidence, let's talk about Brad P's bullshit marketing for a second.

Brad p dating coach

During the last year or so, Brad P managed to rise to the position of one of my favourite bullshitters in the pickup industry.

This guy loves to spout out how "authentic" he is, and how much "street cred" he has. I'll reserve some longer future posts on his nonsensical back story and his shady marketing practices, but for today, a nice short post shall suffice.

This is actually a much bigger problem that is not so uncommon in the world of Big Pharma, and usually the source of much controversy, and sometimes it leads to settlements that are worth billions of dollars.

Just compare those two scenarios: 1) "I coach 100 guys and if just one of them reaches any kind of success, for whichever reason, I'll feature him prominently in my marketing materials".

And somehow, all of this is because of him and his "secrets of inner game".

But hey, if this wasn't bad enough, he has the posted a screenshot of this guy emailing him a picture of this girl. I have also attached the screenshot of a picture from another webpage. Also, it's obvious that if you roll in dough, you'll have plenty of girls. I've done so many times, especially in my free ebook "Debunking the Seduction Community".In the first scenario, Brad did coach those two guys, if they even exist, and even though one may have reached great financial (and thus romantic) success, the other, the unsuccessful one, has also spent tons of cash on Brad P's teaching. If you ask me, that's a fairly moronic way of admitting that your coaching, or pickup coaching in general, doesn't really work. Besides, if the unsuccessful guy really exists, how classy must it be to be made fun of in an advertisement page? Now let's consider the second scenario, that is, if Brad P didn't coach any of those guys.If this was the case, then the other one "automatically" got good without (!In an effort to continue to expose their fraud, this time, lets talk about Brad P.Recently he posted on his website, a product called Secrets of Inner Game.Yet, he claims responsibility only for the allegedly great success of one guy, but not for the failure of the other. Here's a quote from his website: Now let me tell you about the second guy... The second guy is working at the exact same entry-level job he was five years ago. He can't really get girls attracted to him, and if he gets lucky... probably because he was embarassed it had been so long.

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