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I've been told to fuck off, I've had drinks thrown on me, I've been punched by women, and I've been threatened by their guy friends.While learning I've had it all happen to me, but as the years went by the jigsaw puzzle of my game was being put together piece by piece, until finally I got to the point where I could wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and be completely content with my sex life. I'd write down lines and moves and then go out and try them out.

By building up my confidence to where rejection meant nothing, I could put in the needed attempts to learn and succeed.

In fact, a part of my system is learning how to embrace rejection to improve your skill and get more women, with the difference for you being that you'll get rejected far less than I have.

If a book had any remote connection to interacting with the opposite sex or getting laid then I was on top of it..

Well I did that once and it led to the girl walking away from me because of how offensive it was, especially since I said it in a country that had a history of slavery (United States).

It looks smooth because I've rehearsed it so many times before. In terms of all men in the world, I'm in the top 1% of being rejected by the most women.

But in terms of how many women I've had intimacy with, I'm probably in the top 1% as well.

I approached women in bars and clubs with the lines that I had memorized and soon I was getting phone numbers and email addresses.

Some of them were fake but just a couple months prior I didn't know it was even possible to meet women like that.

None of us ever got laid but since we had our games and primitive internet porn we didn't think much of it.

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