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These lessons are a great way to dig a little deeper into a topic that interests you. With over a hundred topics to choose from, there’s a Life Lesson for everyone.Just read the material provided and respond to the questions. When you hit “Submit” your answers will be sent to a Study Coach who will respond with additional insights. (All lessons are free.) If you have any questions about Life Lessons, go to the FAQ page or send us an email.

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My pastor does this; we're currently going through the book of Mark.

There's a lot to be said for a slow, deliberate survey of Scripture, taking time to ponder each point instead of speed-reading through the book.

If you wish to discuss things further with your coach, they’re always just an email away. Women of Faith (2 Lessons) The Bible is full of women who believed God’s promises when their circumstances made it seem impossible.

Take this study to learn how to develop a faith like that. (5 Lessons) If you could wish for anything in the world, what do you most desire?

Pray for guidance, then consider this: do you want to go with a teacher, a topic, or a territory?

Teacher Do you just love [insert your favorite Bible teacher's name here]? After all, a good teacher can both engage and enlighten.Do they have a study you haven't yet worked through? Plus, if you're familiar with this person's work, you're probably comfortable with their theology and methodology. Topic Maybe you've always wanted to know more about [fill in the blank].There are Bible study guides on just about every topic out there.The life issues Bible studies will help you learn about yourself and God. Teen Studies (6 Lessons) This teen and youth lesson series cover subjects like dating, family, friends, and the media. More Topics Steps with Jesus (11 Lessons) Discover what it means to walk with Jesus in your daily life. Books of the Bible (9 Lessons) Do you ever wish you could study a book of the Bible in more depth?Marriage (7 Lessons) Do you want to improve and deepen you marriage? Take a deep look at books such as Philippians, 1 & 2 Peter, Ruth, Ephesians, and more!Living Self-Controlled, Alert Lives (3 Lessons) How important is control to you? Christ-followers are challenged to grow in self-control. In this lesson we will explore the value and necessity of self-control in our lives today.

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