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This was during the Reagan-era arms buildup; John concluded that most of his job opportunities in physics would involve “helping out with new ways to kill people.” His future was decided the day he visited a friend at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, where he discovered options trading—a numbers game he could win or lose based solely on his talents.

Almost immediately, he began buying options with his own money.

Meantime, Ann was playing offense against a Costa Rican legal trustee she blamed for swindling her and John’s fortune and sandbagging her to the point of indebted servitude. The Costa Rica criminal court had seized her passport and ordered her to show her face on a weekly basis. Both parents say John’s intelligence was evident very early.

The trustee cited John’s death as grounds to seize her purse strings. “When I would take the kids grocery shopping, he’d be figuring out price per ounce,” Margie says. He never did anything until he was absolutely sure he could do it perfectly.

Blood splatters and bank balances, pillow talk and court testimony: she held it all at her fingertips, literally. Ann was pushing a shopping cart stuffed with legal case files, transcripts, and research materials.

“When I say ‘I know,’ I will be careful,” she said. Otherwise, operate under the presumption that I have proof.” Ann’s stockpile pertained to a trifecta of separate but related legal proceedings.

John was naked in the bed he shared with Ann, who was then 39.

The cause of death was a single pistol shot to the back of the head.

Along with the murder rap, she was a suspected jewel smuggler. John Bender was brilliance descended from brilliance—the oldest of two sons born to Paul and Margie Bender.

Police, while investigating John’s death, had found millions of dollars of “undocumented” gems inside the Bender mansion. Paul, a noted legal scholar, held prominent posts in the Clinton administration’s Justice Department and at two major law schools, Penn and Arizona State.

The urban center is a mix of shopping malls, semi-rises, and fast-food outlets that separate streets of grinding poverty from pockets of conspicuous wealth.

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