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That’s what makes photography great; somebody told me once that photography is “dead.” Ah, shit, I thought, have we really had the last of the good times? Watch, if you will, the nature of self-loathing that sets one to seek out merciless chemicals that ravage a body and destroy the teeth, turning them to powder so that they simply begin to vanish.

Expression of CAPN5 protein was ascertained in humans and mice in silico, in mouse retina by immunohistochemistry, and in neuronal cancer cell lines and fractionated central nervous system tissue extracts by Western analysis with eight antibodies targeting different CAPN5 regions.

genetic variation occurs outside its protease core; and searches of cancer and epilepsy/autism genetic databases found no variants similar to hyperactivating retinal disease alleles.

Jonnie Andersen spoke to my Advanced Photography class in 2003 when I was a student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

She is a UNL alumnus and had just finished her first year as an MFA candidate at Yale.

She has a BFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Andersen has taught at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Hastings College, College of Southern Nevada and the Art Institute-Las Vegas.

The term “esoteric cosmetology” comes from the term esoteric cosmology.

It almost always deals with at least some of the following themes: emanation, involution, evolution, epigenesis, planes of existence or higher worlds (and their emanation and the connections between them), hierarchies of spiritual beings, cosmic cycles, yogic or spiritual disciplines and techniques of self-transformation, and references to mystical and altered states of consciousness.

Each shoot costs approximately 6 shifts of tips and hourly wages from the Bunkhouse Saloon, a week of organizing, cleaning, washing, and boxing the sets, costumes, makeup, etc for the shoot, at least 5 people willing to forego a night of partying to hang out at a shady motel which never gets quite to temperature from the box a/c hanging out the window.

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