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But, you know, that song like we did work on the studio, like other work, that was like as far as the experience was more of an experience, like her coming to my cave, the sanctuary, the sacred studio, and making the song from scratch. After we did that and those were the really awesome experiences, this song was one she had played me," he said, saying she was looking for someone to jump on her first single.

Currently, their channel has over 2 million subscribers and over 100 million views worldwide.

In July 2012, Jai Brooks, and his twin brother Luke, started a competition to see which one could get Ariana Grande's attention.

He continued, "So it's kind of like the music that we made was why that happened.

That was the chemistry and that's where the experience happened and that's why it made sense to do that song." And any other singers looking for a rapper to feature on their track, Mac is down.

They got back together a couple of weeks later and stated the breakup was due to long distance.

For the next five months, Ariana and Jai's relationship was very strong.

They broke up in August 2013 and a couple of months later Jai accused Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.

Ariana said that it was completely false and that Jai was just trying to get his "fifteen minutes of fame." However, sometime in early 2014 Jai and Ariana began dating again but broke up again in July.

The next two weeks Jai stayed in New York and spent all of his time with Ariana.

They went ice skating in Central Park, saw the musical Wicked on Broadway, went bowling, explored the city, went out to lunch with their friends, and for fun, did each other's makeup and posted the videos to Youtube. There is a video of them kissing and saying goodbye at the airport.

He met Ariana Grande through Twitter in the summer of 2012.

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