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Much to Watson’s surprise, he had apparently escaped three separate murder attempts that day after a visit from Professor Moriarty, who warned Holmes to withdraw from his pursuit of justice against him to avoid any regrettable outcome.

Holmes has been tracking Moriarty and his agents for months and is on the brink of snaring them all and delivering them to Scotland Yard.

To avoid war and foster cooperation, China will need to share responsibility for a diplomatic campaign seeking a peaceful solution.

Currently, it is effectively providing an umbrella for North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

As its nuclear development advances, North Korea will have less and less incentive to give it up, which, in turns, limits the range of action for the other side.

What game theory tells us is that self-interested individuals derive a greater payoff for opportunism.

The episode inspired me to think of how game theory can be used to solve some of Sherlock’s many problems. Holmes uses his logic and deductive reasoning to solve all of his little puzzles.

If you missed it (and have access) you should catch it on BBC i Player before it goes away forever (click here). There are many people out there much smarter than me that could use game theoretic tools to capture how Mr.Stepping up requires China to join the United States, South Korea, Japan and the United Nations to deliver a credible and strengthened deterrence to North Korea against any further nuclear development.But this option is only becoming more complex for all involved except North Korea.But if the game is one-off or repeated a finite number of times, has a large number of players, and each player doesn't know the other players' strategy, then each will choose a "self-oriented" outcome.In this scenario, each player chooses the best solution individually rather than cooperating. What's happening on the Korean peninsula is more like the latter scenario. China supplies it with petroleum and imports coal, which allows North Korea to obtain foreign currency.A positive outcome is when there's reciprocalism; when there's the option of retaliating against cheating behavior because the game repeats infinitely.

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