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Neither was there much suggestion that it should be: this volcano seemed safely dormant or extinct, and Mexico has many much more urgent volcanoes.

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In hindsight, the activity had started in 1930 when locals reported hearing sounds from the mountain.

Local stories told of a possible eruption a century earlier.

The tree cover shows how little activity there had been, and the cut squares show evidence of human activity. It lies mid-way between Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the state of Chiapas, and Villahermosa, capital of Tabasco, each about 70 kilometer away.

There are towns in the area but the remoteness meant that it was never monitored.

By morning, it covered the Caribbean from the Yucatan to Haiti.

The local area suffered ash fall, mainly to the northeast where the ash was 5 centimeters thick at a distance of 70 kilometer, and 15 centimeter at 20 kilometers.

At 800 meters above the surrounding country side, the 1260-meter high peak was less tall than some other peaks in the area.

And in any case, there was little evidence for any volcanic activity.

Its unassuming nature it had in common with Pinatubo, a decade later.

This image, courtesy of GVP, was taken in 1973 by Paul Damon.

There were 10 or more earthquakes per day, at a depth of some 5 kilometer.

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