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While this is also not original (see: The Lord of the Rings' Orientalism), the swarthing of the Euro-accented Telmarines next to the pale-faced Pevensies is particularly heavy-handed.

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Awards He received a CAMIE Award in 2006 and three Young Artist Award nominations between 20.

Trivia He is the great-great-great grandson of the legendary naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin.

series of films, in which he played the character Edmund Pevensie.

In 2016, he stunned his fans by announcing his retirement from acting.

He was banned from eating products containing sugar during the filming process of 2005's Skandar Keynes is a famous English actor, who was born on September 5, 1991.

As a person born on this date, Skandar Keynes is listed in our database as the 16th most popular celebrity for the day (September 5) and the 46th most popular for the year (1991).

As before, the children must wend their way to the appointed battleground, learn to trust and support one another, and restore order to a corrupted monarchy (the barely noted back-story involves especially nasty betrayals).

They find that the kingdom over which they once ruled has been not only destroyed but also relegated to the status of myth, the Telmarines claiming dominion over history and imagination.

Watching these sons of Adam, one gone forth "For Aslan!

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