Andy solbi dating real life

Otherwise you can always email me at: londony face [at] gmail [dot] com (please change this into correct email form) …

When they 1st won the newcomer award in MKMFSung Min hugged Hyuk Jae from behind~a really really touching moments.

There is alot of pictures to be posted up which i will do it slowly, everyone can also share their Hyuk Min pictures.

Anyway i hope fans that love them like me, continue your love for them.

They are truly a pair that is different from other as you can see from radios,shows and also even on their cyworld.

Hyuk Jae answered Yes and that place is reserve for Sung Min.

It was then said by the fans that the seat beside Hyukjae is only for Sung Min.Yes I have heard the sad news of Alex and Shinae leaving We Got Married – which ends my watching of the show since they were the only other couple I supported other than Ansol, of course.Personally, even though this is the end of blogging for me for a while to come, I have enjoyed every moment of it and this blog was truly a place of nirvana when the real world was chaotic and confusing.Their cut was much shorter compared to other couples, and considering that they’re the only confirmed couple leaving – shouldn’t they deserve more screen time? thus reason for not watching WGM and the late posting – the 23 hour plane trip!Let’s hope they will appear more in the next episode… My first time coming here and I also stopped in Singapore for a while – all I can say is: am loving it – fantastic places indeed!!! Wanted to share some photos with y’all (all touristy and yes my photography is only amateur keke, the weather was a bit cloudy today as well, how typical! Other than the normal boring stuff, this has been a week of change to mark the beginning of growth and maturity (which, of course is almost always overrated and lame, but necessary).and I will continue to upload videos on Youtube when I find anything interesting related to Ansol, WGM and Alshin …

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