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God deeply frowns upon divorce even though He allows it.

As you can see, a dysfunctional family contributed to Ananda's sorrow and straying from the right path.3.

If you are a parent, read the section on SEX EDUCATION.4.

On Thursday, she’ll be reporting live from the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall.

Lewis, whose first name is pronounced an-AHN-da (“bliss” in Sanskrit), grew up in San Diego.

They had persuasive lines: "You're beautiful," "You're special," "You're the one." Why did I fall for that stuff?

That's easy enough to answer: I made the decision for selfish reasons, but I'm going public here because I realised I might be able to help other girls, too.

I've worked with young people for ten years now and I know the kind of drama that being sexually active brings to your life.

I felt that is it was good for me to take a break, it might be good for other young girls, too.

Q: You’re this year’s fashion guru for MTV’s Video Music Awards. The only other shoes I had were beige, so I kept the shoes on, but walked on the balls off my feet the whole time, and no one knew.

I went home and cried for three hours and missed every party after.

“I used to sell popcorn at the Shamu exhibit in Sea World,” recalls the 5-foot-8, 26-year-old siren, who once dated R&B singer Maxwell and has been linked to basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. And if I’m in a really bad mood, I’ll go to a store in it. I have a very womanly shape, and I like to be a lot more revealing on the top than bottom.

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