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Will you take this time to search for loot, or kill more enemies because ‘why not’?

The lucky few who won early Banshee Prime Access, rejoice! Will the rest of us 'losers' be able to get a sneak peek at the lucky winners frames? Changes: 12 new community-created Tenno Gen items are ready to be added to your Arsenal!

The Ignis Wraith as a reward has a few different avenues - an avenue for more casual clans, more coordinated clans, and a Hardcore avenue for the most competitive clans. " The Infestation has overrun a convoy of allied ships and forced the surviving crew into emergency safe rooms.

They don’t want to fight anymore, not for the Grineer, and not for Steel Meridian.

All they desire is a peaceful life, but that won’t come easy; Sargas Ruk is hot on their trail and desperate to make an example of them.

Before you go, you should know something; the crew is Grineer.

But not just any Grineer, they’re Kavor Defectors, pacifists who deserted Sargas Ruks army when they could no longer bring themselves to kill for him.

This Clan Operation has bits of the same - a unique mission, a call to action, a Wraith weapon… The Operation link will have all the information for you on what to expect - but for even further explanation: we're trying something different with rewards and the Competitive aspect.

There are a multitude of Personal and Clan rewards - Cosmetics and The Ignis Wraith!Taxon comes equipped with the Artax Sentinel Weapon!Freeze targets in their tracks with this Sentinel mounted ice-beam.A new Sentinel has been discovered that is programmed to assist newly-awoken Tenno.With 'Retarget' and 'Molecular Conversion' as its default Precepts, Taxon protects its owner with shield restoration.New player experience is always on our mind as Developers.

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