dating with instant messangers - Am i dating a loser

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Understand this – these men are pros, many are careerists at duping women so they can have their needs met before moving on. Evelyn’s one mistake was allowing her heart to get involved too soon.

You must screen men through a series of tests so you can study their actions. I define the 4 types of men and then we test the crap out of them before your heart gets involved.

The book is called You guys have helped me write it and I am grateful to you.

This book will be published on Amazon on September 7th, 2017.

Evelyn chooses the guys who are the loudest and funniest in the room.

This type of man is totally opposite her serious and demanding father. Growing up was a lonely time and all the male figures in her life were horrible.

HELP – Evelyn Evelyn is not a “rest stop”, she is a high value woman (keeper) with a good career and lots of friends and hobbies. There is no reason why she should get burned my men.

I examined how she was acting once she started liking a guy.

There will also be questions about trust, behavior, their past and even reactions to breakups.

Your relationship may be very healthy or could be downright dangerous.

Answer the following questions as accurately as you can.

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