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This classic novel contains an immense amount of wisdom that students should be exposed to. Perhaps the length takes up too much time for banal multicultural lit. do liberals uncomfortably see themselves in the characters of this brilliant novel?5., Oscar Wilde's great novel, will have teenagers question self-centered gratification of one's desires at the expense of others and of moral and religious principles.

However, so many in America would not be familiar and thus warned about the implications of such a program because they have been exposed to mediocre teen lit and insipid multicultural trash instead of great literature from their time in high school and college.

When Barack Hussein Obama states he wants sex education for kindergarteners, many young people instead of running away from this guy as fast as they can as they should, are embracing him because they feel proud of their multiculturalism in this Brave New World.

has been banned from schools supposedly because of the sex and the intensity of the horror, but that is not to be believed.

After all, liberals want sex education for kindergarteners, so it is not possible that liberals would ban a book for sex.

The comedic , he questions the values of this aesthetic and hedonistic lifestyle of "art for its own sake." In the end, it simply is not fulfilling.

Oscar Wilde, as everyone knows, was homosexual, yet he questions the lifestyle that so many gay activists are pursuing.

The novel is surprisingly sexually explicit, but it is perfectly suited for teenagers, who instead of being attracted to this type of sex and drugs are guaranteed to be repelled.

Liberals are bringing us at warp speed towards this type of society of "community, identity, stability," so teenagers should definitely be forewarned and forearmed to combat this type of society.

Liberals are always so eager to nannyishly ban books for what they perceive are negative stereotypes in order to superficially appear enlightened.

Instead of banning great literature, however, they should look in the mirror and reexamine their anti-Semitic support of jihadists' agenda.

First of all, it is somewhat strange that liberals and socialists are so concerned with anti-Jewish stereotypes when they so openly are against the War on Terror and embrace themselves so readily the culture of Islam and Muslim nations.

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