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For example, the earliest species, , is humanlike in having small canine teeth and a face that does not project very far.

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According to its discoverers, features of the thighbone implying bipedalism include its overall proportions, the internal structure of the knee, and a groove on the bone for a muscle used in upright walking (the obturator externus).evolutionary novelties associated with hominins.

Its cranial base is short like that of hominins, and the upper canines are shaped somewhat like those of later species.

The rest of the body also combines ape and human traits, but the lower limbs are clearly meant for walking.

The most conspicuous bipedal traits include greatly shortened and broadened pelvic blades with a forward-tilted sacrum, convergent knees, horizontally oriented ankles, and a convergent big toe.

Relative to the length of the upper arm, its thigh is elongated in a way approaching Robert Broom and his team collected hundreds of specimens beginning in 1936.

At first Broom simply bought fossils, but in 1946 he began excavating, aided by a crew of skillful workers. Sterkfontein is one of the richest sources of information about remains of Sterkfontein include skulls, jaws, and numerous skeletal fragments.

Females weighed about 30 kg (66 pounds) and stood 115 cm (3 feet 9 inches) tall.

Brain size averages 448 cc (27 cubic inches), closer to modern chimpanzees (395 cc) than to humans (1,350 cc).

In 1998 Leakey’s team also discovered in timing as well as in location.

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