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While I don’t like to think about how much weight I gained, I’m still amazed by the impression those pregnancies made. They all understood the power of using video to spread their messages.

But they didn’t know what to say, what to wear, and what type of equipment to use.

In my first TV job many years ago, I remember carrying a 50-pound camera on shoots and then having to go back to get a 25-pound tripod. Work your way up as you get more comfortable and you see the response your videos get. But you don’t have to spend anywhere close to that. Make sure the light isn’t behind you because it will wash you out.

Here’s a brief outline of The Big Three: equipment, lighting, and sound. Use the camera sitting right next to you — the smartphone, the laptop, or the point and shoot camera that has a video feature. Sound quality is every bit as important as your video quality. If people can’t clearly hear what you are saying, your content won’t be as engaging as it could be. High ceilings or ceramic tile floors increase the chances of an echo, so look for smaller spaces that have carpeted floors. If noise is still an issue, invest in a microphone.

By simply signing up for the Video Bootcamp, they made learning a priority.

The students who continued making videos after the session tell me their videos are growing their email lists, creating connections, and producing sales.

They made the commitment to start, and it’s paying off.

Having the right type of equipment used to be a big problem. Much like creating a minimum viable product, your video process begins by creating videos as simply as possible. If you shoot videos indoors, sit by a window where the light hits you from the front or from the side.

Over a TV career that has spanned twenty years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing thousands of people — everyday folks, celebrities, entrepreneurs.

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