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We encourage you to look for these brands in-store: Hannaford Brand Products that are equal to or better in quality than the leading national brands for a lot less.Nature's Place High-quality, certified-organic and natural products at affordable prices.Taste of Inspirations Delicious, premium foods with quality you'd expect to find only at the best specialty-food stores.

Products can be sold and consumed safely after the sell-by date.

Use-by dates or best-if-used-by dates usually are put on products by the manufacturer to help consumers know when products are at their peak of freshness and quality.

On average, we carry more than 40,000 products in our stores.

If you have questions about the shelf life of one of our private-label items, please contact our Information Center by email or phone: (800) 213-9040.

You can browse our products online to see the Guiding Stars rating for each item, and select nutrition preferences or screen out food allergens like gluten as you customize a shopping list to meet your needs.

This should be used as a guide, since manufacturer's product formulations may change without notice to us. What's the difference between the sell-by date and the use-by date?

Product availability, sales history, and other factors are considered as our merchandisers work to continuously offer the right product mix to fulfill the needs of the communities we serve.

Consumer response to new and discontinued items also influences those decisions.

These dates are required because the effectiveness or nutritional value cannot be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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