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Working together, we can find solutions to the issues or situations causing distress. I believe a strong, client-therapist relationship is essential for providing safety, support, and a non-judgemental presence to help you move toward your goals.

I respect and value my clients, knowing we come from all walks of life, each with a unique story to tell.

Discover a wealth of cultural attractions that light up the city–from the exhibitions at the Chaffee Center for the Visual Arts to the performances by the local theater group.

With this strong foundation, we then work collaboratively to find the most effective ways to ease the discomforts of life.

Issues of focus include: anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, transition (marriage/divorce, career, family), body-image, chronic pain, stress and parenting.""Life often holds suffering.

Facing our own inner truth can be one of the most difficult and frightening experiences of our lives.

It can also be the most rewarding.""Wounds leave scars.

The internal wounds can sometimes be the hardest to heal.

A therapist who builds trust and relationship through validation, mindfulness, awareness, and honesty can help.You deserve to be understood and helped.""As a therapist, my goal is to provide a safe place for clients to explore, understand and resolve their problems.You deserve to be understood and helped.""Holistic Counseling, along with Hypnosis, Wellness Coaching, Expressive Arts Therapy and Reiki are good answers to many underlying difficulties that life may bring. HYPNOSIS - is a method of attaining deep relaxation, bringing positive "suggestions" to the subconscious mind, opening it to optimistic attitudes and forces.It can also be the most rewarding.""We all naturally seek balance.At times, life feels out of control and we need help to regain our equillibrium.Sign up today to start meeting Vermont Catholic Singles.

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