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Al Farwaniyah Home to both the Kuwait International Airport and the Kuwait Zoo, Al Farwaiyah is a major transport and entertainment hub located close to Kuwait City.

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*Although the nation has some of the most liberal free-speech laws in the Middle East, steer clear of criticism of the Emir.

*Do not eat in public during the holy month of Ramadan, as this will result in fines and possible jail time.

Lay of the Land: Kuwait city is the capital of Kuwait, and it is the first point of entry, as the Kuwait International Airport is located south of the capital.

Kuwait City is located on the Gulf Coast, with the other cities and suburbs sprawling out in rings the farther you get from Kuwait City.

The nation of Kuwait is slowly emerging as an economic miracle of the Middle East, largely due to its oil reserves.

Despite suffering an Iraqi invasion in the early nineties and a costly "rescue" by US-led armed forces that resulted in USD5 billion worth of damages to the country's oil fields, Kuwait has recovered well.

Check with your Kuwaiti consulate for more details, as other nations require a letter of sponsorship from Kuwaiti residents, businesses, or major hotels.

Note that citizens of Israel or those with an Israel visa and stamps will not be given a visa.

Each of the small towns listed feature malls and other comforts to provide westerners with that sense of home away from home, so if you are looking to relocate, Kuwait aims to satisfy.

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