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While struggling to hold on to an 18 month 35Kg black Labrador keen to show why we should keep him, the neighbour explained that she had locked herself out of the house when the door closed behind her as she was taking the waste out and needed to borrow a phone to fi… Read more Saturday night and Emma, Annie and myself were off to the local pub Emma came over last night for dinner to share a lovely night together The next afternoon she would give me one of her relaxing yoni massages We had booked a table at the local pub/restaurant for half seven for the two of us and Annie After my massage Emma and me just relaxed chatting and generally having a good time Annie drove over just in time for dinner.She was wearing her coral mini dress with the plunging back and neckline that finished almost at her navel just about covering a small part of her breasts Emma was… Read more (This is the conclusion to a three part story.

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There was a chance of up to a foot of fresh snow on top of the four inches already on the ground.

Ruth was a nervous wreck driving home, she just absolutely hated driving in the snow. She knew he had to work at the gas station till p.m.

But inside, behind closed doors, she is my own personal and very private slut. As I crossed my parents front garden into Mrs Jones's, I saw my thirty something neighbour coming out of her house with another hot brunette woman about the same age.

"Hey Robbie, this is my best friend Polly, Polly this is Robbie my teenage neighbour from next door" she said introducing us.

She never uses foul language, avoids confrontation and always dresses properly.

She never wears anything too skimpy and refuses to show off her wonderful body.

With her humongous natural-tits, toned legs and beautifully rounded ass, she turns more than a few heads whenever we go to the beach.

But normally she is the perfect Nun to the outside world. Her bes… Read more It was a few days later when I got a text on my phone from Mrs Jones, my hot blonde neighbour, 'Meet me by my car in five minutes" it read and that's exactly what I did.

Not one single thing happening around the car that night mattered.

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