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If you need help implementing the logistics of the accommodation of a student, then we recommend that you work with your department’s Disability Services Liaison.

Your Disability Services Liaison is often your department’s academic administrator.

Students and dependents with disabilities engage in all university departments, programs, colleges, divisions and professional schools at UC San Diego.

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As a resource for the campus, the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is responsible for determining ...

In addition to TAP, the installment of Advancement and Transition Services for People with Disabilities (ATS) took place last fall.

For Classwork and Taking Tests• Allow extra time on tests.• Use a chart of math facts or multiplication tables.• Let the student use a calculator when he’s not being tested on computation.• Give more space to write problems and solutions.• Break down worksheets into sections.• Use objects such as blocks or base ten sticks to teach math ideas.• Check often to see if the student understands the work.

At Student Disability Services, also known as SDS, we consider faculty to be key partners in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for MIT students with disabilities.

The benefits of ATS include a “College Success Camp,” where high school students with Asperger’s syndrome who plan to ...

diagnosis to register for mental health accommodations and supports. D student in Critical Disability Studies at York University. Dhanota first attended another Ontario university, she was required to disclose a DSM diagnosis ...

Now, about 30 years later, the world of books has been opened to him, thanks to Okanagan College in Salmon Arm ...

with disabilities – such as extra time for exams or recording lectures – the college’s Adult Special Education includes the PACE ... From ages 12-18, Miller suffered debilitating juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

It includes information about faculty salaries, state appropriations, and state subsidy of instruction costs.

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