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I quietly unfollowed him, laughed to myself and thankfully, no harm was done.

Imagine if what research says is true — if really, 15% of twitter users are bots. Emboldened, I used a similar app for Linked In which filters out content and posts it — with some posts automated from twitter.

Of course, I didn’t leave ABC without adult supervision.

Every now and then, I did a surprise check on it and I had just a handful of followers, plus, I wasn’t important enough in the digital world, so a “Tay-like” disaster wasn’t on the horizon. Frankly, Though, every once in a while the cat was out of the bag…

However for someone in my generation, this is the proverbial, brave new world.

I’ve worked through about 40 AI apps, a couple of dozen chatbots for Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Tinder, etc — below are my honest findings via the experiments on the top four platforms:#1. There are so many bots out there — Olivia Taters, Dear Assistant, Auto TWBot, robolike, Friendly Bot — .

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